My Favorite Person

Newborn Baby

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The DailyPost Prompt – 23 January 2016

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

My Favorite person is my husband of fifty-six years

The longest time we have been apart was when I had my five children in the 1960s.

Two daughters and three sons. Below are the month and year that I have been separated from my favorite person – my husband.

July 1961 Two weeks

December 1963 Two weeks

December 1964 Two weeks

August 1967 Two weeks

April 1969 Two weeks

That’s ten weeks of our marriage I never slept with him, that’s pretty good for fifty-six years of marriage.

He never spent much time in the maturity home with me after our first one was born, he was a farmer, looked after the babies himself while I was giving birth to our children.

In those days we were never allowed out of the hospital after having a baby very early I think that was a good thing I had time to bond with the baby before I when home to milk cows and look after my babies.


My husband, John was a wonderful father, you can see by this photo how proud he was of his two daughters.

One thought on “My Favorite Person

  1. Utterly charmed with your account of your favorite person and the few times you had to be away from him. How difficult that must have been for both of you! To be separated at such a glorious time. Thank you for sharing your love in this way.


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