Learning to use WordPress is Stressful

What is Stress?
Stress is the way your body responds to any kind of demands.

“Blogging 101” has been quite stressful for some, especially if you are totally new to using WordPress.

Reading in the “blogging 101: The Commons” some have given up, deleted their blog, One person said “after 2 days of arguing with my computer” etc etc. That’s Stress.girl-1064659_640
We have a very friendly WordPress blogosphere, there is help, just ask, if you don’t get an answer straight away, don’t panic.

This is just temporally stress, just walk away from your computer and do something else, after you have had time away, you will most times return when you have relaxed and continue on without any problems.

Life can be confusing to everyone at some time or other, the secret is not to let tech knowledge get you down.

Tomorrow is another day it will be better if you let it. waiting-1086393_640
More helpful tips for coping with other kinds of stress.
Have you felt like deleting your blog before you have really even started it?
What advice would you give?
Please comment.

6 thoughts on “Learning to use WordPress is Stressful

  1. You have such a nice an interesting website SpiritualJourney17, just as well you didn’t give up.
    But that very true about someone commenting, it does bring a smile, encouraging you to keep going. Hope to be reading your articles for many years to come


  2. Yes. I’m a person that learns as I go, sometimes I have a little trouble remembering, I usually write it down on paper, then it stays in my head, if I want to recap on it, it’s still there on the paper, I have found it the best way to cope with learning in my old age, it saves a lot of stress.


  3. I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now, since high school, and I think the reason I stuck with it when readers waxed and wained was that, fundamentally, I enjoyed doing it outside of people reading it. Writing was how I got thoughts straight in my head, how I journaled, and how I expressed myself even when it was just my parents and two close friends reading it. I think that to blog successfully (for whatever your definition of “success” is), you have to enjoy it for what it is — writing often, and expressing yourself in a virtual home.


  4. Agree with you Tommy, the story to success as a blogger is writing often, reading and commenting on other bloggers blogs.
    I only started this blog three weeks ago doing “Blogging 101” assignments, now I have other fifty followers, they are all new readers of my blog, not people I already know, as I do know many writers as I have a HubPage – http://hubpages.com/@elsiehagley, now I’m just venturing out on my on site.
    There are many new writers that give up blogging to quickly before they give their selves time to enjoy the experience, really it’s up to you, nice to see you enjoy it.


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