Replying to Comments on your blog

Do you reply to comments on your blog?

I haven’t been doing it (My blog is only 2weeks old), I feel like I’m letting my followers down, holding my head down in shame, that why I have put that picture above.

The reason why I don’t comment
I have a nice theme all uncluttered to see the comments you need to click the comment link at the top of the article you are reading.

I did comment when I first started but all I see was my comments on the side panel, I didn’t like that, I like seeing my readers comments as well.

Most days I write in the late afternoon when I publish them the northern hemisphere are asleep, so most of the comments on my computer are downloaded the next day after I have had my sleep. So its bulk approving unless I approve the comments one at a time, go to the article, reply to it and then approve another comment.

On my side panel, I have nice pictures of all my followers and I can click them anytime and read what they have written. (I love seeing all my friends around the world they make me smile and feel very happy).

All my followers are a valuable asset to my writing and how I feel in my old age, it gives me a reason to get up every morning, it’s my lifeline, helps me cope with the thought’s I have about my cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC).
I love you all.
Appreciate your thought’s about replying to the comments on our own blog.

11 thoughts on “Replying to Comments on your blog

  1. When I started blogging, I thought I would do my post and people would like it and that would be it. But it’s so much more about interacting, commenting, answering comments, following other blogs. It does take time, but I find its so enjoyable!


  2. In my years of blogging I have learned that relatively few people take the time to leave a comment. If somebody has gone to the trouble to say a few words, I very much feel that I owe them at least a “thank you”. Often that is all I say.

    One of my blogging friends, she is an outstanding photographer and wonderful with words, has over 20,000 followers. She always responds and more often than not with a lengthy reply. It must take a lot of her time, but she must enjoy doing it and her followers are indeed like friends.

    So I would say, reply to all comments if you possibly can. Blogging will be richer for you and your followers.

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  3. I feel the same as you commented Ludwig, my blogging will be richer by commenting on my followers comments.
    I think I have found the answer, approve each comment then post a reply before I approve another one. Thanks, happy days writing.


  4. One thing that I end up thinking is ‘What do I reply to this?’ with comments. Sometimes it’s easy – if I asked for suggestions and people leave them, a reply is simple. But other times, I’m like uhhhhh…. thanks? And I don’t mean it to be rude AT ALL but I just have a hard time, sometimes, with words.
    Which, considering the fact that I am incredibly wordy, is very strange. 😛 lol!


  5. I agree with you “togethersolitude”, sometimes I have to think about what I can say, but once I start I’m surprised how long a comment was.
    The more you do it the easier it becomes.
    Happy days to you from me.


  6. It is my intention to reply to all comments on my own blog and do my best to comment on those that I visit, too. Often, though, I just end up clicking the “like” button on other blogs. I have a tendency to get very wordy when I do write comments. Many of my comments are longer than my own blog posts. I can’t seem to find a good stopping point that leaves a complete thought. I don’t want to annoy folks with my long comments, so I really don’t know what to do, which is why I often just click “like” even when I want to make a comment.

    You have to do what works for you. This is supposed to be fun and uplifting, not a chore for any of us.

    Have a blessed day!


    • Thank you for commenting, I enjoy comments and commenting, if I can find the time, I get about 150 emails from WordPress that I’m following, so it would be impossible to comment on everyone, but I do if there is something to say.
      You have a blessed day also.
      Hope we keep in touch with each other now we have started.

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