Do families sit at the table to eat dinner together anymore?

The Daily Post gives us a prompt every day to write a blog
“If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking”?

This is the one that Roger Shipp blogged about, he named it Modern Families

He wrote this “The most shocking thing that my late ancestors might face if they were to visit me for a meal would be the lack of a dinner table”.

It caught my attention so I commented, as these days you will be lucky to see a family sit down around the table for a meal even if you do have a table.

Do you have a table? If so, is it used at mealtimes, or just a place for the children to sit and play, color, do puzzles etc.child-865116_640

Some interesting points I found while searching.

Just 40 percent of American families eat meals together.

40 per cent of British families with young children sit down to dinner.

One in five families spends less than ten minutes at the table.

My family of five children grew up sitting and eating at the table.
Now as grown-ups, if the family come home we always have the meal at the table, I think that is because it is what we have always done as a family – Enjoying the Good Times of the day.

Cheerful Family Of Four Enjoying DinnerID-100208326

Now my husband and I have our tea every night in front of the TV.
I will be interested in whether other older couples sit down at the table for an evening meal, as it was the way we were brought up it’s only in the modern times that it has changed.

10 thoughts on “Do families sit at the table to eat dinner together anymore?

  1. When my kids were young, we almost always had dinner as a family. I think there is great value in that. I think they should also be involved in preparing the meals and cleaning up afterward. Nothing about that should be made to feel like a chore. Nicely done, you.

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  2. Thanks, for commenting you have a good point about the cleaning up after a meal, my family knew which night it was their turn to do the dishes, there never was a problem, we didn’t have and still don’t have a dishwasher.
    I wonder who cleans up after a meal in the modern families these days, perhaps someone could comment about that.


  3. Lovely thoughts. I think what my ancestors would be most shocked about is the gadgets we bring with us to the dinner tables.
    We have gotten too smart for own good, my family has meals at the table but the television is in view and we end up watching while eating. Im working on the no gadgets no tv during dinner, we can just enjoy eachother ‘ s company. Wish me luck:-)

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  4. My family too sits together for dinner at night, though my son joins in a bit reluctantly. With modern day gadgets replacing family time, it is really a big task to encourage your adolescent children to have meal together nowadays.

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  5. I came across your blog by accident. It was in the Commons I think, where you said you’d finished the day 9 assignment and I haven’t even started mine yet. But I do live on the opposite side of the world to you…
    You write well, and I will look forward to reading more!

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  6. Meals together at the table was always a priority for my family and when the kids reached 12 & 13, they were also assigned to cook a meal a month (we all traded off on trying new recipes). It kept us close even through insane schedules. An excellent topic ~lisa

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  7. Growing up we waited for our dad to come home from work to eat dinner together. To this day, my family and I eat dinner together every day. I hope my son carries it on when he has his own family. This is the time we discuss what we did during the day- our bonding time. Great post!

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  8. I laughed out loud at the thought of my ancestors coming by for dinner. What they would experience is horribly dependent upon the day of the week. On weekdays we arrive in the door, slap food on the stove, run to change into comfy clothes, run back to the cooker and prod things around to see how they’re coming along, perhaps toss a salad together, grab a glass of wine if it suited us, hurry the food on to the plate and dash for the TV to watch something and “unwind”. Weekends we set a lovely table aka the good old days, sit down for a nice family meal and conversation. I prefer sitting at the table.

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  9. This topic captivates my attention as a mother and wife of a young family. I’ve done two posts on this over the last year. I’m glad to say that I am among those that does have a meal at the table surrounded by my family. We eat lunch together since overseas that is the main family meal. We have a no TV no electronics rule. We sit, look each other in the eyes and have an actual conversation. This is a time for our 7 year old to tell us about her day, open up to us, let us know how school is going, ig there are any issues we should be aware of, anything troubling her or tell us about her excitement of the day. She looks forward to it and even though we have a 10 minute walk home, she usually keeps conversation to a minimum because she likes to talk about it over lunch.

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  10. Enjoyed reading your comment, it makes me feel very happy that there are still families sitting down to an evening meal and turning off the TV.
    Every family needs times like you have explained to enjoy their family.


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