Teen Age Idol – Eddie Fisher.

The Daily Post had a challenge this morning for – Who did you idolize as a teenager?
Eddie Fisher was my idol way back in the 1950’s.
Who is Eddie Fisher? I can hear many asking this question, he was named Edwin John “Eddie” Fisher (August 10, 1928 – September 22, 2010).
In the Mid 1950’s Eddie Fisher was a very popular singer worldwide, most likely because of Debbie Reynolds, he was always in the news, but that marriage didn’t last long, but he was a great singer and entertainer of that period of time.

In March 1955 in the London Palladium he announced his engagement to Debbie, everyone has been expecting it, but I was very disappointed as a teenager that now he was getting married, I thought it would change his outlook in life, and it did really, as even though they were wed in September 1955 their romance was an on and off affair and their wedding was postponed four times before Eddie a twenty-six-year-old guy, married Debbie a twenty-two years old female singing star in the Catskill Hills outside of New York, the marriage didn’t last for many years.

Eddie Fisher’s Career
Eddie has been singing from a very early age when was seven years old he won a child talent contest, which in those days he used to sell vegetables from his father truck in the streets of Philadelphia his hometown.

When he was eighteen he sang with a number of bands and he then became a resident vocalist at New York’s famous late-night, restaurant, the Copacabana.

In 1950’s he was named ” The Best New Singer of the Year” and his record sales grew.

He had many great hits in those years like “Lady of Spain” also “Wish You Were Here” not forgetting “I need you now* and I’m yours” some very great hits in those years, and as he said, “He just sings, No tricks, no crying, I sing the way I have always been singing.”
For more of Eddie’s Fishers life.

Eddie Fisher-1955 The picture above is a poster I used to have on my wall. Eddie Fisher’s younger days, Wouldn’t any teenager in the 1950’s fall for this smile?

I was very disappointed when his marriage to Debbie Reynolds was over and he married Elizabeth Taylor, needless to say by that time, I had got over my crush and have moved on with my life, but I will still stand by him, he was a great singer and I used to spend many hours playing his records.

My entry for Daily Post.Teen Age Idol

I had a blogger comment about this post in “Blogging 101” forum.

This is what they said.
I liked the background you gave, but the one thing I wanted to know is why he was your teen idol – was it his dashing good looks, was he crooner, was it the songs, was it a combination. How did you react when you heard his music or saw him on TV or in concert (if you did)?

My Comment – In the early 1950’s living in New Zealand we didn’t have TV, so the only way I got to know Eddie Fisher was by reading magazines and the radio.

The first song of Eddie Fishers I remembered, that never left my mind in those teenage years was “Oh my Papa”
This is the verse which I still remember some 60 years later.

Oh, my Papa, to me he was so wonderful,
 Oh, my Papa, to me he was so good.
 No one could be so gentle and so lovable, 
Oh, my Papa, he always understood.

Also, in my eyes, he did have good looks, but I think the main reason was a love affair between two young lovers.
To this day I don’t remember anything about Debbie Reynolds, I don’t think she was in the eyes of the public very much after their marriage failed.

3 thoughts on “Teen Age Idol – Eddie Fisher.

  1. It was very controversial when he divorced Debbie Reynolds and married Elizabeth Taylor, who was also married when they started their affair. Their daughter is Carrie Fisher, who played Leia in Star Wars. I always wasn’t fond of Debbie, due to her potty mouth. Loved her films didn’t enjoy hearing her interviews. 🙂 Nice post. I enjoyed reading it.

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  2. I didn’t know that about Carrie Fisher, thanks for commenting, the information you added, adds value to this post. I was like you never very fond of Debbie either, I think she was very hard on Eddie, especially about the way she treated him during the years they had together, before and after they were married.


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