All about Words – Welcome or Not Welcomed

Is there a word “unwelcomed” or is it just “not welcomed”?

Something to think about these two words even though the dictionary say’s the word unwelcomed was not found. – The unwelcomed word refers to your general feeling about that person as a visitor to your door; the not welcomed relates to your particular response when you do call.

There are many ways of saying welcome, but not many for not welcomed.

Here I am going to come up with some words  and actions of welcome when you arrive at someone else’s home.

Also the other version, being “not welcomed” or “unwelcomed” (whatever way you use this meaning of a word) when someone answers the door you knocked on.


What will the actions be of people in these following situations?

You are a salesman or saleslady trying to sell goods, you could be welcomed, It all depends on who you are if you are known it could be all good.

Maybe someone, like the police knocks on your door, you open the door, what will your action be when you see the police person standing at the door.

Especially if you know you are in the wrong and why that police person is knocking on your door, you could have a smile on your face, it helps a lot, what would you do or say in that situation?

If you are giving a gift of thanks, in most cases the house you are visiting will already know you and welcome you with a smile, always return the smile.

If you are a neighbor and someone new has shifted onto the street and you would like to welcome them by bringing a plate of fresh baked cookies, in most case you can guarantee the door will be opened with a smile and thanks will follow, be told to come in, and offer a cup of coffee or tea, to get to know each other.

Then there the other version, some will just open the door, take the cookies and more or less close the door in your face, or actually refuse the cookies, and tell you to move on, that is what is called “not welcomed”, well with people like that it would be the last time you did that for them, wouldn’t it.

According to Luke 9:51-56, when Jesus entered a Samaritan village, he was not welcomed, because he was going on to Jerusalem.

So that is the different versions of approaching the same situation, of welcome or not welcomed or is it “unwelcomed”.


Better way to be Welcomed

Another way of being received, in any situation, if they don’t know you, is it would be better to give them a call on the phone and have a talk about the subject or discuss that you are doing or want to do, make appointed to see them, it really is the best way, then they will be expecting you, and you will have a happy discussion and everything will be fine, and maybe a cup of tea and leave good friends. (just don’t overstay your welcome.)

You will always know if you are welcomed, there is a smile perhaps open arms that you can continue doing what you intended to do, because of the friendly atmosphere.

In some cases, you will pick it up very quickly when the door is opened that you are not welcomed and be told to leave the premises, but in most cases you can continue with speaking and things work out fine.

But let’s face it some people never welcome intrusion on their life and no matter what you do or say you will be shown the door, or rather the door will not be open even though you know they are home.

When you are not welcomed in lots of cases the door is not even opened, if you have a message the best way is to leave a note in the letterbox with your phone number on it, they may get back to you and they may not, at least you know where you stand.

How I Know if I’m welcomed or Not Welcomed (unwelcomed)

I used to be an Avon lady and I know that when you do knock on the door with your heart in your mouth and your knees knocking, you can be pleasantly surprised, the door is open, the person has a big smile on their face, okay first ordeal is over, but as soon as you open your mouth you soon realised you are not welcomed, especially when another face appears at the door and they start yelling at you.

I have had this happened to me even though I have been to the house before, and sold to the lady of the house, but this time, her husband came to the door after she had answered it, and yes you have guessed it, she has been spending too much money, in this case, it wasn’t even me she had been buying from.

Then there’s the other one, the door is opened you are abused and the door is slammed in your face.

Let’s be honest there are not many like that, some just love to open the door and have a friendly discussion even if they don’t buy.

In days-gone-by, you could stop by and talk to almost anyone in their home and leave feeling that you received warm words of welcome.

But times have changed, you can no longer go and knock on someone’s door, and expected to receive the welcome like day’s gone by, some people can make you feel very unwelcomed, you are only too pleased to move on from that place.

Hopefully, I have explained the different meaning of two words that one can be very meaningful and the other very hurtful.

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